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Performing Choir


Day-to-day, in the companies where we provide services, both internal and external events offer employees the opportunity to express themselves musically, bringing emotion and art through genuine teamwork. From our experience with these groups, we realize how enriching this activity is for corporations, for various reasons. The main one is the beauty of seeing a diverse range of employees come together, from those responsible for coffee or cleaning duties to presidents and managers, all on equal footing.

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The corporate choir project holds weekly rehearsals on the premises of the companies where we provide services. The video next to this is an example of promotion for new choir members.



Sharing with the public what happens during day-to-day rehearsals is always a very exciting experience. In addition to representing the company at external events, bringing lightness and music.


Quarentena Coral


The Coral Quarantine was a project developed to serve corporate and community choirs in a fully virtual manner during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading this activity, Miriã Valeriano and Filipe de Matos Rocha provided a diverse musical experience with goals that went beyond the simple maintenance of choral singing during pandemic times.


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