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Performing Choir


Quarentena Coral

The Quarentena Coral (Quarantine Choir) is a project designed to serve corporate choirs and community choirs in a 100% virtual format. Leading this initiative, Miriã Valeriano and Filipe de Matos Rocha provide a diverse musical experience with objectives that go beyond simply maintaining choral singing during the pandemic. These objectives include: 1. stimulating collaborative work and team engagement during remote work periods; and 2. developing crucial artistic and musical skills to foster creativity among participants during this delicate period of reinventing normalcy in history.

Virtual Rehearsals

This is the initial phase of the process, lasting approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Each vocal section has its specific rehearsal where the repertoire is taught in sections. These videos are made available weekly, and choir members can watch them at their convenience.

Below is Rehearsal #04 of the 4th season as an example. To access the complete seasons, please find the playlist links below:

5th season

4th season

3rd season

2nd season

1st season

Video Kits


This is the second phase where the seasons are composed. To simulate in-person rehearsals, the video kits aim to serve as a reference for the production of virtual choir videos and also to stimulate the development of harmonic ear training, confidence, and independence among the singers.


In total, there are 8 video kits:

Grup I - sopranos,

Grup II - altos,

Grup III - baritones

Demonstration - with all voices

Play-back - instrumental only

Grup I and II

Grup I and III

Grup II and III

Music Videos


These are the mosaic-style virtual choir videos that serve as the final result of each season. The arrangements are mostly contemporary and created during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The process has been entirely virtual since March 2020.

With the available equipment (cell phones, tablets, and computers), the choristers from the 4 groups we work with (Coral CEDAE, Gente Que Canta, Segure Sua Nota - CNSeg, and Vozes da Globo - Jardim Botânico) rehearse and send their audio and video recordings to compose the final music video.


- 1st Season: "Águas de Março" (Tom Jobim)
- 2nd Season: "Todas as Janelas" (Rogério Flausino)
- 3rd Season: "Por Enquanto" (Renato Russo)
- 4th Season: "Arranjei um Fraseado" (Noel Rosa)
- EXTRA: "O Show tem que Continuar" (Arlindo Cruz)
- 5th Season: "Heal the World" (Michael Jackson)
- 6th Season: "Tocando em Frente" (Almir Sater and Renato Teixeira)
- 7th Season: "O Sal da Terra" (Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos)
- 8th Season: "O que é, o que é?" (Gonzaguinha)
- 9th Season: "Canto..." (Sérgio Barros and Bianca Malafaia)

Full playlist:

Online Festivals​


Online festivals have become a significant moment of camaraderie and gathering among various choirs from Brazil and around the world. We have already had the opportunity to participate in gatherings such as ABRACO, Cantáguas, Brasil Online, and others.

Below is the playlist with the other gatherings:



Singers from the various choirs we work with share their experiences of this new moment.

Link to the complete playlist:  




These are moments of very important exchanges.

In the first live event, conductors Eduardo Lakschevitz and Júlio Moretzsohn interview Filipe de Matos Rocha, a graduate of UNIRIO, about his experience leading choirs during times of social isolation: How did he perceive the change? How is he coping? What solutions has he found? What are his perspectives?

In the second event, Pluggin invited psychologist Patrícia Soares to discuss how music can help keep teams united and mentally healthy during remote work and social distancing.

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